Principal's Message


Welcome to Bruriah, a school where  students thrive spiritually, emotionally, socially and academically.  It is my honor to join the Bruriah family in nurturing academic excellence and personal growth in every student.  With a rich legacy, a vibrant present and a bright future, Bruriah equips and empowers students to make meaningful decisions about leading productive and inspired lives during their time at Bruriah...and long after graduation in their homes, communities, and world at large.

At Bruriah, classroom and experiential learning contribute to student development, in both limudei kodesh and general studies.  The unparalleled commitment of Bruriah's faculty and staff facilitates the success of each of our talmidot, in the academic realm and in their relationship to Torah. Through the efforts of Bruriah’s devoted team of educators, we will help each student reach her goals.


I look forward to developing a personal connection with Bruriah’s students and their families.  The 'sky is the limit' for each student, as she becomes part of the warm, supportive and ruach-filled Bruriah family!

I am excited to be part of and welcome you to the Bruriah community.

-Esther Eisenman