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Guidance and Student Wellness

At Bruriah, we believe in every student both as an individual and an important member of our school community. The Bruriah Guidance Team - our Social Workers and Grade Advisors - work with our parents, teachers, administration, and of course, the students themselves, to compassionately support all aspects of each student so they can be their best selves every day. 


Through motivational interviewing, strength-based counseling tips and strategies, and an open-door policy, we assist our students in drawing on their own internal reservoirs of resiliency, knowledge, talent, and self-awareness to ensure that they feel empowered and supported both in the classroom and in their daily lives. 


The Guidance Team also incorporates a Social-Emotional curriculum as well as monthly psychoeducational programming to serve and educate our school community proactively. 

Feel free to reach out to our Mrs. Sarah Stiefel-Mandelbaum at for any further information.

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