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Core Values

Joyful Learning. 

At Bruriah, our students find joy and meaning in an engaging and dynamic educational experience in both Judaic and general studies classes. Academic choice, challenge, and critical thinking are hallmarks of a Bruriah education as students make relevant connections to their learning and are motivated to succeed.


Personal Growth.

At Bruriah, we believe in our students’ capacity to grow and flourish personally, religiously, academically, and emotionally. No two students are alike, and individualized guidance and instruction are paramount to supporting our students to actualize their potential and lead meaningful Torah lives. Frequent formal and informal educational programs inspire our students to grow in middot, Torah knowledge, halachic observance, and connection to Hashem.



At Bruriah, we believe that instilling our students with confidence prepares them to embrace the opportunities of today and confront the challenges of tomorrow with sophistication and independence. Our students are empowered in a myriad of ways, both inside and outside of the classroom, as they develop the skills to become thoughtful, resilient, passionate, and compassionate adults.


Meaningful Relationships.

Bruriah’s warm and caring environment nurtures meaningful relationships between students and between faculty and students. Cooperation and collaboration in the classroom replace competition, and our faculty is deeply committed to and invested in cultivating positive relationships with our students so that they can thrive. Our students know that every individual is valued, respected, and cared for.

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