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Hack it Together

 The annual Hack it Together Women's Hackathon, hosted by Lander College for Women, is a college level computer science competition and public event. This past conference had attendees from coding boot camps and colleges from across the greater New York area.

The New Jersey State Bar Foundation (NJSBF) Mock Trial Competition 
Held in the Union County Courthouse, this annual event showcases the dedication and commitment of our Mock Trial team. 


Weitzmann Institute of Science 2019 International Shalhaveth Freier Physics Tournament held in Rahovot Israel. 
High School juniors and seniors take on the challenge of building a safe that only their team can open, and then try to open the safes of all the other teams.  


Technion's International Annual Rube Goldberg Challenge

Using out of the box problem solving skills, artistic creativity, and teamwork, Bruriah students have enrolled in the Technion Rube Goldberg Machine Challenge. Previously, they have built a multi-step chain reaction machine featuring world famous Israeli contributions to technology.


Envision Shakespeare Yeshiva league Division 
Students are encouraged to embrace the humanities, with the Yeshiva League Shakespeare competition. Students have performed various interpretations of numerous shakespearean works including Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet.


CIJE Tank 
CIJE Tank - modeled after Shark Tank, began as an outgrowth of the Center for Initiatives in Jewish Education's Innovation Day. Students design an invention they feel is marketable, with finalists given the opportunity to present their idea in front of a panel of entrepreneurs.


Bruriah Holocaust Museum 
As part of the 11th grade History Curriculum Bruriah's Junior classes present a Holocaust Museum which is open to the public during the month of February. Visited by dignitaries, local politicians and survivors and their families the museum is always educational, meaningful and impactful.

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